Our Core Values

Our Approach

Our client focused team of professionals support Australia's mining, civil, rail & roads infrastructure, and energy sectors with environmentally friendly remediation solutions. Our consultative approach to understand our clients site specific needs, objectives, and parameters allows us to support them with sustainable and cost effective solutions that can be either implemented or supplied product with support.


Hydromulching / Hydroseeding

Hydraulically applied revegetation solutions tailored to your sites needs, using locally manufactured renewable fibres to achieve sustainable vegetation results.

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Dust Suppression

A range of polymer and emulsion solutions to manage dust on your site. Not all sites are the same, so our consultants can support you in finding the right product and methodology for success. Our products can be self-applied or delivered by our trained technicians and purpose-built equipment.

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Erosion Control Blanket

A hydraulically applied solution for surface stabilisation, substrate lining, and sediment and erosion control. Our solution eliminates maintenance and provides effective function for 10+ years.

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An environmentally friendly alternative to road chlorides and synthetic polymers for dust control. DustXR is a Lignosulfonate solution that is derived from lignin, a naturally occurring polymer found in wood that acts like glue holding the cellulose fibers of pulp together.

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A soil stabiliser / dust suppressant with a C-factor as low as 0.001 to stop erosion. EnviroBond can be mixed with water in any proportion and applied via water truck and guaranteed to not harm pump seals, in accordance with the soil structure, gradient and area of terrain to be treated.

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A polymer that offers both wind and water erosion protection. DustCap forms a protective barrier skin that binds to surfaces. Once set, the flexible coating becomes impermeable to water and wind protecting the material below.

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